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The challenge: "How can we get more personal, more emotional testimonials from our chefs? If one look straight into the dark lens of a camera, will it still be natural?"


For this series of testimonials, we proposed a technique so that the talent could see the interviewer, while looking straight into the camera. Talking and reacting to a human, instead of a camera, resulted in these natural warm, funny and authentic reactions.


In addition to the video production and postproduction, Roughcut also negotiated and booked all the talent.

This campaign ran in different waves over the course of 2019.


# 25 clips in NL & FR  #Social media variations #


In our second studio, we installed a photography set. Convenient to create some portrait  photos of the talent, as they were already present for the video shoot.

Additionally, we also produced some specific food photos at the client 's request.

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