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Zeppe & Zikki ​is a popular Kid Show broadcast on VTM, VTMKzoom and RTL. It runs for more then 8 years now!

With a lot of humour, the show reminds children of the dangers they encounter in  everyday traffic.

60 episodes and 2 music videos of puppet madness, created by Roughcut and shot in our studio's.


#Zeppe&Zikki #Kids Show #Music Video

ZEPPE & ZIKKI: S03E36 Let There be Light

Urbanus, a Belgian stand-up comedianactorsinger and comic book writer, teamed up with Regi Pinxten to write the first song for Zeppe&Zikki. It was an instant success on youtube.

822.000 impressions on youtube


#Zeppe&Zikki #Kids Show #Music Video #Urbanus #Youtube

ZEPPE & ZIKKI  feat. Urbanus

Houga Bouga was produced by Basto. Additional Lyrics were written by Joël Verdikt.

459.000 impressions on youtube


#Zeppe&Zikki #Kids Show #Music Video #Houga Bouga #Youtube

ZEPPE & ZIKKI  feat. Jacques Vermeiren

Zeppe Zikki Jacques


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