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Joël Verdikt - Founder

Before starting RoughCut, Joël worked as a commercial freelance director.

While managing his production company, he also act as a producer whose experience and creative maturity is reflected in the company's output.


Because Joël is known for his no-nonsense production style and getting things done attitude, brands often rely on him as a consultant. Like Telenet, when they needed help with the relaunch and expansion of their sport channels. Or Sanoma, who wanted to launch an all new woman oriented digital TV channel. Or Google, when they wanted to install a pop-up TV studio for Youtubers.

Today, Joël still thrives on the filmset, directing a complex shoot or picking up the camera himself, being part of a fast film crew.




Yes it is Japanese and doesn't mean Hello!

Japanese use it to describe what they believe is their unique approach to service & hospitality. 

Anticipating needs is at the heart of the concept.


If, in the course of a service encounter in Japan, you’ve ever been left thinking “How did they think of that?”, you’ve probably been "omotenashi’d."

Here at RoughCut, we aim no less. We call ourselves a production service company facilitating agencies and brands who seek to create films, animations and other visual goodness. In doing so, we usually establish longterm partnerships with the agencies and brands we work with. 

Sometimes, we venture into uncharted territory. We created the popular kid show Zeppe& Zikki which was broadcasted on VTM and VTMKzoom. 60 episodes and 2 music videos of adorable puppet madness! Currently we  have several other exciting projects in development, among others an aviation adventure documentary.

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